Born in Vienna, Austria, Sebastian Hugeneck grew up immersed in the world of central European classical music.


From an early age Sebastian studied piano, and soon discovered his passion for composing. Exploring his song writing throughout high school, Sebastian acted as the lead singer and keyboardist in an indie rock band. Yet as he grew older, he realized it was film music that captivated him most.

To further understand human thought, emotion and behaviour, Sebastian studied Psychology at the University of Vienna where he graduated with his bachelors in early 2014. Through out his studies, Sebastian has worked on numerous film projects, several which have also gone on to win awards. He specializes in creating original melodies, storytelling and strong emotions.

In the last couple of years, Sebastian has expanded into also assisting productions and has had an active role in the development of the documentaries “ Rose Colored Glasses” and “Our 1/4 Life Crisis.” Already having dozens of shorts, four feature documentaries, a documentary mini-series and a web series under his belt; Sebastian is one of Austria’s leading young film composers.


  TV Series

  • Ecstatic! Created for Vision TV by Sonia Productions Inc.2013

 Web Series

  • Yogatown, Jill Hope Johnson, 2012

 Feature Documentary

  • Return to Byzantium, The art and Life of Lillian Broca, Adelina Suvagau 2011
  • Rose Colored Glasses, Sonia Suvagau, 2011
  • High Five: A suburban Adoption Saga, Julia Ivanova, 2012
  • Our 1/4 Life Crisis, Sonia Suvagau, 2014